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Welcome to Your Best You

A Fitness Company with a Mission: To help you realize your own personal fitness potential and recognize the importance of systematic exercise and proper nutrition. In short: To help you find your best you!

At Your Best You, we have found that many people don’t reach their potential because they underestimate their abilities. Whether in the work place, in the home, or at  the gym, it isn’t uncommon to find someone working at less than their best. In our boot camp, our goal is to help you push past your self-inflicted physical limits, to perform one more pushup when you think you have nothing left. When you give it your all, you are one step closer to transforming into your best you. We recognize that not all of us were born to be supermodels or football heroes, but we all can be more energetic, healthier, and happier in our own skin.

We use circuit training, interval training, calisthenics, plyometrics, isometrics, and everything in between to create a full-body workout that will transform you from head to toe. You’re not going to come away just a smaller version of you; you will finish boot camp as your best you.


We want to help every individual find Your Best You. Your donations will help us continue our efforts to bring fitness to everyone. The suggested donation for the Summer Boot Camp is $5 per class, but we encourage you to participate regardless of what you are able to give.

bootcamp pushups

bootcamp squat

Boot camp begins June 11th!

Download the participation forms:

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